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Back Again for the First Time

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Back Again for the First Time

Those who are familiar with my story know that my path towards data science has been riddled with setbacks, delays, and life challenges that all but discouraged me from pursuing this field in the first place.

There is one thing. That thing as I call it wears many badges. On the surface it appears as ambition, drive, resiliency. The humor in me prefers the stubborn title. Irregardless of what that thing is called, I've used it as a life saver to push me out of the storm and just enough where I can feel my toes brushing against the sand.

Now, here I am. Making another attempt and hoping that God will see me through and the Universe will conspire for me. It's not a heavy ask, but an important one. Ever since I stumbled upon data science and its adjacent fields something in my gut told me that this was the missing piece. I had discovered a new domain that, fortunately, was full of life. This is where I want to be. The blueprint to my trinity of doing what I love and doing purposeful work was clear: Marketing, Behavioral Design, and Data.

So I find myself and this website, hoping to reconnect and find my path again. Six hours until my first class in data engineering for fintech starts. From a nursing home & rehabilitation facility.

Such an odd future.

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